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Darth Vader Is More Man Than Machine in 'The Star Wars'

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Darth Vader Is More Man Than Machine in 'The Star Wars'
by+Bryan Enk

He's arguably the most iconic villain in the history of everything, but Darth Vader was almost a very different creature ... that is, if George Lucas' early screenplay for something called "The Star Wars" had made its way from page to screen.
Lucas' first pass at what would become the biggest pop culture phenomenon of all time (don't argue) had only a passing resemblance to the "Star Wars" we now all know and have memorized. His May 1974 screenplay known as "The Star Wars" is finally seeing the light of day courtesy of a limited comic book series published by Dark Horse Comics, in which we'll be introduced to such characters as wise old General Luke Skywalker, cocky but naive farmboy Annikin Starkiller and a lizard-like alien named ... Han Solo.
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Animation Magazine
Tales from the Toon Trenches Close Friends Get to Call Him T.C.
by:+Michael Mallory

Did everyone rush out and see Top Cat: The Movie when it opened in theatres the first weekend of August? Did anyone even know that something called Top Cat: The Movie opened in theatres on the first weekend in August? Me neither; I stumbled over it accidentally.
Top Cat: The Movie is the English language version of a Mexican-Argentine animated film called Don Gato y su Pandilla (Top Cat and His Gang), which was made in 2011. And the way it oozed its way out into a very limited release here really doesn’t seem to do justice to the boss, to the pip, to the championship that I remember so fondly from my childhood.
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Preview: 'Vampirella: Southern Gothic' #1

From the 2013 Eisner nominated writer of Cow Boy! FIRST ISSUE! She's fought vampires, aliens, magicians and monsters… but can she survive MISSISSIPPI!? While aching from a glowing wound made by a demon's blue blade, Vampi heads to the Deep South to unravel a mystical mystery tied up in an old flame, religion, and lots and lots and lots of blood.
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Japandering: American Stars Shilling on Japanese TV

Kiefer Sutherland/Calorie Mate: When Jack Bauer is on a mission, nothing can stop him. Not even a train full of Calorie Mate-swilling school girls. Jack seems conflicted about the oddly packaged energy supplement drink, but he seems perfectly content with sprinting through a crowded train.
Jean Reno/Toyota: Known for his portrayals of killers, crooks and crazies, French actor Jean Reno takes on the toughest role of a lifetime: a cybernetic alien cat. Playing the beloved titular cyborg feline from Doraemon, Reno captures the spirit, he's pretty much Jean Reno in a blue suit, but we'll take it.
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