Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Trailer Bullet Train Fight From 'Wolverine'

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Animation Magazine
‘Avengers’ Triumphs at Saturn Awards
by+Mercedes Milligan

Marvel’s The Avengers nabbed four honors at the 39th Annual Saturn Awards–a film and TV recognition put on by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films–including Best Science Fiction Film as well as Best Supporting Actor (Clark Gregg), Best Direction (Joss Whedon) and Best Special Effects. The animation category was won by Tim Burton’s black and white stop-motion effort Frankenweenie. Other top film category winners were Life of Pi (Best Fantasy Film), Cabin in the Woods (Best Horror/Thriller) and Skyfall (Best Action/Adventure).
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'The Walking Dead' Goes Bi-Weekly

The Walking Dead will go bi-weekly for "All Out War," a 12-issue arc that launches with #115 on October 9th, Image Comics announced at Image Expo in San Francisco today (see "Image Announces Major Projects at Expo" for other announcements). The art team is being expanded, with Dave Stewart on cover colors, Stefano Gaudiano on inks. Charlie Adlard will continue to do pencils, with tones by Cliff Rathburn.
October will also see a special Tenth Anniversary Edition of The Walking Dead #1, with extras and colors by Dave Stewart. All of this is timed, of course, with the debut of the new season of the TV show, which also starts in October.
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Nerdist Channel
Hideo Kojima Sounds Off on Why You Should See “Pacific Rim”
By:+Dan Casey

In case the trailers, graphic novel prequel, or limited edition Odd City prints hadn’t sold you on Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming giant robots vs. giant monsters magnum opus Pacific Rim, maybe Hideo Kojima will. The outspoken video game designer and creator of the Metal Gear Solid franchise took to Twitter today to offer up some thoughts on del Toro’s latest labor of love. Just how much did Kojima-san enjoy it? Let him tell you in his own words.
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Bullet Train Fight From 'Wolverine'

With Fox’s The Wolverine set to open on July 26, the studio has begun to release additional images and clips including this superb fight sequence that takes place on the top of a speeding Japanese bullet train. This amped-up action set piece should whet the appetite of action movie fans for the reboot of The Wolverine, many of whom probably saw the profile of Wolverine star Hugh Jackman that was broadcast on CBS’s popular 60 Minutes last night. The release of this latest clip comes just a month after the film’s international trailer hit the net
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