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DC Reveals First Transgender Character

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First Official Still From 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'


Marvel Studios has released the first still from Captain America: The Winter Soldier as production began on the film that is being directed by Joe and Anthony Russo and will be released less than a year from now on April 4th, 2014. The still is a low key photograph of Chris Evans as Cap with his trademark shield strapped to his back standing before what looks like some sort of corrugated metal door adorned with S.H.I.E.L.D. symbol.
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PW Comics Weekly
Manga 2013: A Smaller, More Sustainable Market

by:+Brigid Alverson

At the ICv2 Conference on Comics & Digital II that preceded New York Comic Con last October, ICv2 CEO and industry analyst Milton Griepp offered a grim take on the manga market: while sales of comics and graphic novels as a whole were up, in his annual white paper on comics publishing, Griepp said that manga sales have declined for the past three years and were down 35% in the first half of 2012.
The next day, as if in some alternate reality, fans dressed as anime and manga characters crowded the halls of the Javits Center, lined up to get autographs from Moyoco Anno, packed a large room to hear Yoshitaka Amano speak, and competed enthusiastically in trivia games to win swag featuring anime and manga characters. What’s going on here? The manga market may be smaller than it was five years ago, but a substantial fanbase remains, and publishers contacted by PW for this article said they are optimistic that the decline has come to an end, that long-awaited digital initiatives are attracting readers, and that the manga market is stabilizing at a new, sustainable level.
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Animation Magazine
Wallace & Gromit New Faces of VisitEngland

By:+Mercedes Milligan

Britain’s national tourist board VisitEngland has recruited Aardman Animations’ globally known plasticine pals Wallace & Gromit as Tourism Trailblazers to encourage Britons to embrace the staycation and explore their country this year. The duo will kick off the 2013 vacation season with a new TV ad set to air May 12.
"Leisure time has always been very important to Wallace & Gromit, so it’s great to see them making this holiday choice," says Nick Park, creator and director of Wallace & Gromit. "A nice cup of tea and some tasty local cheese is always a favorite, so they won’t be disappointed with their holiday in the U.K."
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DC Reveals First Transgender Character


DC’s Batgirl #19 revealed that a character in the book is transgender, the first such character in a Big Two universe. The character Alysia Yeoh, Barbara (Batgirl) Gordon’s roommate, revealed that she is a transwoman in a scene with Gordon in the issue.
Writer Gail Simone said in an interview with Wired that she’d pitched the idea to DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio, who quickly approved. In the interview, Simone described the lack of diversity in comics as an existential threat. "It’s the issue for superhero comics," she said. "Look, we have a problem most media don’t have, which is that almost all the tentpoles we build our industry upon were created over a half century ago... at a time where the characters were almost without exception white, cis-gendered, straight, on and on.
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Featured Tomatovision TV Partner

Right Stuf’s Nozomi Ent. Announces DVD Release of PRINCESS KNIGHT, Part 1

First of two DVD sets available on June 4, 2013. GRIMES, Iowa, April 8, 2013 – Anime producer and distributor Right Stuf, Inc. and its Nozomi Entertainment division are excited to announce the PRINCESS KNIGHT, Part 1 DVD set will be available on June 4, 2013.,/p>

The Part 1 DVD set will feature the first 26 episodes of this classic television series with its original English-language dub. This will be the first time the Princess Knight series will be available to North American audiences on licensed DVD.

Note: Due to the availability of materials, these DVD releases will utilize the edited and cut, broadcast video footage from Princess Knight’s television syndication during the 1960s and 1970s. (Japanese audio will not be included on these sets because it cannot be synched to the video.)

Also known as “Choppy and the Princess,” the 52-episode anime adaptation of Princess Knight is based upon the best-selling comic (manga) by legendary creator Osamu Tezuka (Astro Boy, Kimba The White Lion) and features animation from Tezuka’s own Mushi Productions. It originally aired on Japanese television from 1967 through 1968, and its English-language adaptation was syndicated throughout the United States in the 1970s and 1980s.

In both anime and manga forms, Princess Knight was among the first titles geared specifically toward a young female (shoujo) audience. The original comic was serialized in Kodansha’s Shoujo Club anthology magazine, from 1953 through 1956, and its sequel series, Twin Knight, was serialized in Kodansha’s Nakayoshi anthology in 1958. The two collected volumes of the Princess Knight manga are currently available to North American readers from Vertical, Inc., which plans to release the sequel series in Summer 2013. Visit for more information about the series and to pre-order the DVD sets.

Once upon a time, in the faraway kingdom of Silverland, a princess named Sapphire was born. Thanks to the prank of a mischievous little angel, Sapphire ended up with both the blue heart of a boy and the pink heart of a girl. Thus, the new little princess would be as rambunctious and brave as she was gentle and caring.

However, all was not well in Silverland. By law, only a son could inherit the throne. So, to stop the evil Duke Duralumon from being next in line to rule the kingdom, the King announced to his subjects that Sapphire was a boy!

Now, several years later, everyone in the kingdom sees Sapphire as a swashbuckling prince. Very few people know her secret. But the Duke still lurks in the shadows, waiting for a chance to make his move… So begins the story of Sapphire - the courageous Princess Knight – as she fends off the Duke’s wicked schemes and fights for justice and the happiness of her people! The first 26 episodes of the classic anime series!

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