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The World of Gerry Anderson

The World of Gerry Anderson

5…,4…,3…2…,1… Thunderbirds are Go!!. Those opening words are from one of the most action pack shows on British Television The Thunderbirds, by producer Gerry Anderson. Even though they were puppets. No! they were Super Marionettes. Gerry Anderson and his team of special effects wizards that included Derek Meddings created special effects that paved they way for Star Wars, Star Trek and the James Bond films. Brit TV Entertainment and our online partner TLA Video pays tribute to The World of Gerry Anderson. “Now Stand by for action anything can happen in the next half hour”. Enter the world of Gerry Anderson at Tomatovision TV Tomatovision TV

The World of Gerry Anderson DVD Collections

Thunderbirds are Go International Rescue Edition
Blast off into adventure with the first feature-length film starring the International Rescue team as they provide security for an interplanetary mission fraught with danger and espionage!

Stingray The Complete Series (5-disc box set)
The year is 2065. Man has conquered the galaxy. On land, earth is at peace, united by a global democracy. But a deadly struggle rages beneath the oceans. Welcome to Stingray, the pioneering Supermarionation adventure series from producer Gerry Anderson (Space: 1999, Thunderbirds). From their secret headquarters at Marineville, the members of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (WASP) battle the Aquaphibians, a race of grotesque undersea warriors commanded by the evil Titan, who is determined to exterminate the surface dwellers.

Supercar The Complete Series (5-disc box set)
Two brilliant scientists. One heroic pilot. A precocious child and his pet monkey. And an extraordinary vehicle called Supercar. Gerry Anderson's first fully-developed Supermarionation series established his winning formula of futuristic vehicles, high adventure, and advanced puppetry techniques that led to classics like Thunderbirds.

Fireball XL5 The Complete Series (5-disc box set)
In 1962, legendary producer Gerry Anderson (Space: 1999, UFO) turned his attention to space for the first time. The result was Fireball XL5, a rarely-seen gem that paved the way for later supermarionation masterpieces like Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons. This definitive collection includes all 39 black and white episodes of Fireball XL5, digitally restored and presented in their original production order. Return to Galactic Sector 25 as Fireball XL5 flies again in this DVD set.

The Protectors Season 1 4-disc set)
Harry Rule (Robert Vaughn) is a London private eye with an affinity for high-profile clients. The Contessa di Contini owns an Italian detective agency specializing in fine art crimes. Paul Buchet is a suave young Frenchman who always seems to have the inside scoop. Working for any government, company or individual that can afford their services, the trio jets across Europe, unraveling convoluted mysteries and thwarting international villains.

The Protectors Season 2 (4-disc set)
When the law fails you, The Protectors won’t. Unflappable American Harry Rule, beautiful Brit Contessa di Contini and suave Frenchman Paul Buchet return for another action-packed season of hi-tech sleuthing, international espionage and juicy romance.

The Terrahawks Complete Series
In 1983, producer Gerry Anderson (THUNDERBIRDS, SPACE: 1999) refreshed his popular formula for sci-fi animation with a new generation of stringless “Supermarionation” puppets. The result was classic Anderson action filled with ambitious special effects, extraordinary machines, bizarre monsters, and the never-ending battle between good and evil. Now, Zelda and her minions re launch their campaign against the Earth with all 39 episodes of TERRAHAWKS, available together and on DVD for the first time.

UFO the Complete Series (8-disc box set)
Welcome to UFO, the first live-action show from producer Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds, Stingray). With compelling storylines, a strong cast and exceptional special effects, UFO proved that Anderson’s innovative sci-fi sensibility could be successful beyond the world of Supermarionation.

Joe 90 The Complete Series
Following on the heels of Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet, Joe 90 marked yet another triumph for producer Gerry Anderson. In classic Anderson style, the show featured incredible machines, fast-paced action and ahead-of-their-time special effects. This DVD collection includes all 30 episodes, digitally re-mastered and restored from 35mm prints and presented in their original production order.

Secret Service The Complete Series (2-disc set)
Gerry Anderson's (Thunderbirds, Space: 1999) final Supermarionation series, Secret Service, starred the legendary comic and vocal master Stanley Unwin, who voiced the Father in his trademark "Unwinese" language. Available in America for the first time ever, this DVD collection includes all 13 episodes of the unconventional, rare series that Anderson regarded as his most charming.

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