Saturday, November 5, 2011

Spend the Holidays with My Superhero Girlfriends

Spend the Holidays with My Superhero Girlfriends

This Holiday season find out the real reason why young boys read comics. They are Wonder Woman, She Hulk, Supergirl, and Sue Storm. They are the sexy Superheroes that have been keeping us interested for the last 70 plus years. Now these sexy superheroes can have a place of honor in your action figure collection. Entertainment Earth, Dark Figures, and Tomatovision TV has brought together the sexiest Superheroes and the baddest babes from the Marvel and DC Universe, plus a few sexy friends you would love to have for your very own. These babes are ready to become part of your collection so Don’t Delay get your sexy superheroes Today!!

DC Babes

Zatanna Halloween Variant Ame Comi Statue

DC Stars Donna Troy Tonner Doll

Cover Girls of the DC Universe Starfire Statue

Ame Comi Heroine Power Girl Mini Figure

DC Universe Classics Dove Action Figure

DC Universe Classics Star Girl Action Figure

DC Universe Classics Wonder Woman Violet Lantern Figure

Black Canary Cover Girls of the DC Universe Statue

Ame Comi Heroine Hawkgirl Mini Figure

Raven Ame Comi Statue

Marvel Babes

Marvel Elektra Bishoujo Statue

Ms. Marvel Bishoujo Binary Version Statue

Marvel Figurine Collector Magazine with Photon Figure

Marvel Legends Series 13 Lady Deathstrike Action Figure

Marvel Black Cat Bishoujo Statue Figure

Marvel Universe Spider-Woman Action Figure

X-Men Emma Frost Tonner Doll

X-Men Phoenix Tonner Doll

X-Men Marvel Girl Marvel Select Action Figure

Spider-Woman Mini Bust

Anime Babes

Air Anime Figure Kano Kirishima Statue - EE Exclusive

Maid Bride Yome Resin Statue

Angels Kiss and Demons Bride Alp Anime Figure Statue

Mizuiro Yuki Katase Nekomimi Bloomer Version Anime Figure

Vocaloid Virtual-On Fei Yen Miku Hatsune Action Figure

Ikki Tousen Ryomou Shimei VMF Action Figure

Final Fantasy XIII 2 Lightning Play Arts Kai Action Figure

Air Gear Simca the Swallow Candy Resin Statue

Amatsu Misora Ni! Mikage Hazuki Statue

Evangelion Rei and Asuka Plug Suit Statue

For more Sexy Superhero babes visit our site at Tomatovision TV Then go to Entertainment Earth if you can find what you need you can visit our other online partners, Dark Figures, and Right Stuf, TFAW, if you still need help you can send us your want list to or fill out our want list form at Tomatovision TV.