Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Batmobile: The Chicks Dig the Car

The Batmobile: The Chicks Dig the Car

Since the 1940's Batman has been the protector of Gotham City and since that time there is one piece of equipment has become just as much as an icon has him. That is the Batmobile his all purpose vehicle that has got him out of more deadly traps than anything. Over the years the Batmobile like the Batman has changed but one thing has remained the same. The Batmobile like Batman is here to stay check out the diffrent style and you'll see why the chicks dig the Batmobile.

Batman Batmobile Classic Vintage 1:32 Scale Model Kit

Batman Hot Wheels 1966 1:18 Scale Elite Chrome Batmobile

Batman Batmobile Deluxe 1:25 Scale Model Kit

Batman Batmobile Classic Model Kit in Collector Edition Tin

Batman 1966 TV Slot Car Race Track Set

Batman 1989 Batmobile Limited Edition Replica

Batman Brave and the Bold Battle Armor Batmobile Vehicle

Batman 1989 Batmobile Cocoon Replica

Batman Batmobile 1:25 Glue Model Kit

Batman 1966 TV Batmobile Snap Fit Model Kit

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