Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This month More Than Just Comics celebrates DC's New 52 Comic line withTFAW!

This month More Than Just Comics celebrates DC's New 52 Comic line with TFAW! !

The biggest event in DC Comics' history is here! DC is relaunching its entire superhero universe with The New 52: reimagined, streamlined versions of popular heroes like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, and returns of cult favorites like Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Resurrection Man, and more!

The New 52 kicks off with 52 #1 issues--that's 52 new entry points into one of the biggest comic-book universesout there. This makes now a great time to introduce new readers to the DCU. Find them all on The New 52 page at TFAW

It all starts today with Justice League #1, by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, and the other 51 #1 issues will be released throughout September. It's a lot to absorb: fortunately, TFAW will be reading every #1 issue and reviewing them at The Blog From Another World!

Let your visitors know: we'll be separating the good, the bad, and the blah each week. In the meantime, they can order every issue of this brave new DC Universe at our The New 52 page. Also, remember to check out our RSS feed with pre-coded links! VISIT OUR DC RELAUNCH PAGE

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