Thursday, July 26, 2012

RightStuf Releases PSY-COMM, Vol. 3 Manga and Boogiepop and Others live-action DVD

RIGHT STUF, INC., TOKYOPOP & Creators Jason Henderson & Tony Salvaggio Announce PSY-COMM, Vol. 3
Series’ latest volume available from in printed, book form for the first time ever on Aug. 21, 2012

GRIMES, Iowa, July 26, 2012 – Following its announcement at Anime Expo 2012, Right Stuf, Inc. is pleased to announce that fans can now pre-order PSY-COMM, Vol. 3 exclusively through This latest volume of the series is available through a special arrangement with creators Jason Henderson and Tony Salvaggio and TOKYOPOP, and this marks the first time the third volume will be available in printed, book form.

Psy-Comm, Vol. 3 will be available in August 2012, via the Right Stuf On Demand program, and for a limited time, fans can pre-order this volume for $10.99 per copy at (This is a savings of more than 30% off the $15.99 SRP.)
Shawne Kleckner, Right Stuf’s president and CEO, said, “We’re excited to work with Jason and Tony to release this final installment of Psy-Comm’s current story arc in book form. We know it was a long wait, and we’re glad we can make this happen for them and the series’ fans!”
“After leaving fans with a cliffhanger in Book 2, I am extremely excited to finally be able to bring Book 3 into hands of everyone who has been waiting so patiently. The world of Psy-Comm has been one of my favorites to explore, and we’ve worked with some amazing people to put this out. Thanks to the fans, artists, Right Stuf, and everyone at TOKYOPOP, past present and future, for the opportunity to bring the trilogy to a close,” said Tony Salvaggio.
“This is it, folks: In a future where teen psychics are forced to fight by megacorporations, two young people make a desperate escape, and now it’s payback time. That’s the stuff of dreams. I love the Psy-comm universe and can’t wait to see how people react to the surprises in Book 3,” added Jason Henderson.
TOKYOPOP founder Stu Levy said, “I am thrilled that Psy-Comm’s action-packed series finale will be available to fans. Much thanks to the Right Stuf, and of course to Tony and Jason, for their teamwork to make this long-awaited publication happen!”

The third volume of Psy-Comm was created and written by Jason Henderson and Tony Salvaggio and illustrated by Ramanda Karmaga, with inks by Jeremy Freeman and tones by Chi Wang. The first two volumes are currently available in graphic novel form.
Psy-Comm began its life as a series Henderson and Salvaggio wanted to read, themselves, and its fusion of futuristic satire and action is inspired by influences as diverse as Robocop, the Blue Öyster Cult song “Veteran of the Psychic Wars,” and the works of both manga masters (Katsuhiro Otomo, Masamune Shirow) and veteran authors (Ben Dunn, Tim Eldred and Adam Warren). The series was released in multiple countries, including the United Kingdom, Turkey, Croatia, Japan and China.

Following the initial publication of Psy-Comm, Henderson and Salvaggio re-teamed for the steampunk-themed work Clockwerx (available internationally from Humanoids Publishing), as well as the ongoing Castle Dracula Podcast. Henderson is a writer of both novels and comic series, and the third book of his Alex Van Helsing young-adult novel series was released in July 2012 by HarperCollins. A former manga columnist for the Comic Book Resources site, Salvaggio recently had his first prose short story published in the third book of the Fables for Japan anthology. He is also the bassist and vocalist for the band Deserts of Mars. Visit for more about Psy-Comm and its creators’ other projects.

NOZOMI ENTERTAINMENT Announces Re-Price & Re-Release of BOOGIEPOP AND OTHERS Live-action prequel to BOOGIEPOP PHANTOM anime available Oct. 9, 2012.
GRIMES, Iowa, July 25, 2012 – Anime producer and distributor Right Stuf, Inc. and its Nozomi Entertainment division are pleased to announce the DVD re-release of BOOGIEPOP AND OTHERS will be available on October 9, 2012. Boogiepop and Others, the live-action prequel to the Boogiepop Phantom animated television series, will be available for a reduced suggested retail price of $9.99. It features direction by Ryu Kaneda (Video Girl Ai movie, and Negima! TV drama) and a screenplay by Sadayuki Murai (Boogiepop Phantom, Mushishi movie, Steamboy).

Created by Kouhei Kadono, the acclaimed Boogiepop series spans more than 14 light novels, multiple light-novel spin-offs and two manga series, in addition to its live-action and animated adaptations. A new, value-priced DVD collection for the 12-episode Boogiepop Phantom anime series is now available for a suggested retail price of $29.99. Visit for more information about the Boogiepop film and anime series, plus trailers and desktop wallpapers.

The cold dead of night is a dangerous time to be near Shinyo Academy. Girls have begun to mysteriously disappear without a trace, and the school is alive with rumors. Some say the girls are just runaways, but with each new disappearance, a lingering fear grows ever stronger – fear that a shinigami... the very spirit of death... is prowling through the streets of the city. They say you never see it coming... a lone whistle splits the dark silence, and it suddenly appears behind you to steal your soul...
However, Nagi Kirima has never feared the darkness. She's determined to uncover the truth, but there aren't many clues to follow. A mysterious new drug that's appeared on the streets... A homeless man who's more than he seems... A girl still haunted by a serial killer who died five years ago... Nagi must take every fragment and piece together the entire story, before more students end up missing... or dead.

History of Boogiepop, director’s commentary, storyboards, “Boogiepop in Yûbari” premiere featurette, “Making of Boogiepop” featurette, cast and staff bios, original Boogiepop trailers and Right Stuf trailers. Cover Art: BOOGIEPOP AND OTHERS © 2000 Kouhei Kadono/MediaWorks/Hakuho-do/Toei Video To view this image, cut and paste the URL into your Web browser. Product specifications and content may be subject to change.

Currently celebrating its 25th year in business, Right Stuf, Inc. was one of the first players in the U.S. Japanese Animation ("anime") industry, as both an anime producer/distributor and a retailer. Right Stuf works to promote knowledge of its own products, as well as the anime and manga industry, in general, through its online storefront at and a variety of media, including podcasts and special publications.

Right Stuf’s production division, Nozomi Entertainment, is dedicated to the highest quality releases. True to the Japanese word that inspired its name, Nozomi’s focus is on “what fans want.” By focusing on a limited number of anime properties each year, the Nozomi production team ensures each release receives the care and attention to detail it deserves. From anime classics like Astro Boy, Kimba and Gigantor to modern comedies, dramas and favorites such as The Irresponsible Captain Tylor, His and Her Circumstances, Gravitation, Ninja Nonsense, The Third: The Girl With the Blue Eye, Emma: A Victorian Romance, Maria Watches Over Us, ARIA, Gakuen Alice, Rental Magica, Dirty Pair, Junjo Romantica and Revolutionary Girl Utena, Right Stuf and Nozomi Entertainment produce quality programming for fans of all ages and interests. For more information, visit and

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